If you're among those whose love of the sea is only exceeded by your obligations on land, you should know more about the services of C.H. Barber III, Inc.

As the owner of a fine yacht, you will surely realize that the time you spend maintaining your boat is also time lost - time not available for your business, family, social activities. Or for sailing.

Our goal is to save you both time and money by furnishing comprehensive administrative management of your boat. We can do this because we understand yacht owners - their needs at sea as well as their needs in port.

We also know that one yachtsman's needs may be completely different from those of another. Thus, we are prepared to give each of our clients the specialized attention they demand. Often this can be achieved with an actual reduction in annual operating expenses.

We bring our personal experience in administrative management and our considerable knowledge of yachting and the sea to the operation and maintenance of your boat. That is because we believe in providing owners with something they don't often get from their valuable investments.

The joy of sailing them.

PO BOX 4461, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA 22905 PHONE: (434)970-7775 or (410)971-3335 FAX: (434)971-1096